The technology needs of an Internet based club such as the ACWGC can be daunting for some of its members. ACWGC.ORG was built specifically to address this issue. We fully understand the hesitancy. ACWGC.ORG offers many different services to its members. These services are based on the expressed needs of the members of the club.


The #1 service we provide is the capability to build websites. This is driven by the club rule that Army Commanders (AC's) are required to have a website. To a lesser extent, Corps Commanders (CC's) may or may not have a separate website at the discretion of the Army Commander.

We can help members create website by:

1. Provide webspace and FTP access for the member to build their own website.
2. Work hand-in-hand with the member to build a website.
3. Build a website for the member.

Dynamic Websites

A special service we offer is the capability to build dynamic websites. These are special sites where the information is stored in a database and the information can be updated using on-line forms.


Some years ago, the incorporation of utilizing databases in the design of websites revolutionized the web. At ACWGC.ORG we offer support for two database engines:

  • mySQL
  • MS Access
These database engines allow us to implement dynamic websites and web based systems such as forums, BLOGS and Content Management Systems (CMS); just to name a few. The ACWGC.ORG FORUMS are a prime example of these systems.