ACWGC Admins

ACWGC.ORG is a non-profit effort to provide internet resources to the American Civil War Gaming Club (ACWGC). Support for the webhosting and associated systems are provided by volunteer club members.

In the words of the founder and owner Larry (Notso) Quick , "Over the years I have had to screen-scrape many, many club websites where the owner of that site disappeared from the club. If I get hit by a bus, I want someone available to take over."

Although the webhosting site is privately owned, every attempt is made to provide an equal representation of administrators between both sides … Yank and Reb. Administrators have the same rights and privileges as the owner sans one … paying the bill.
On occasion, we may ask for contributions to help defray the cost of running the site. Previous pleas have provided a awesome level of support and is much appreciated.

As stated, the site is run by volunteers. As such, these gracious people have varying degrees of experience providing these type of services … some are more comfortable doing this than others. This is not an issue as the administrators work as a team to provide whatever services are needed.

Anyone wishing to join the team is more than welcome.

  The following individuals have graciously stepped up to help:

Kennon Whitehead
Nick Kunz
John Newton
Scott Clawson

Ken Miller
John Corbin

Link Express

The ACWGC is based on a loose collection of websites and other web based services. As a rule, each Army Commander (AC) is required to provide a website. On a case-by-case basis, Corps Commander's (CC's) may or may not have a website.

Because individual member's may or may not be comfortable developing and hosting websites, there is an ever changing of the websites and other services that support the online presence of the club.

Link Express, developed and hosted by Ned Simms, is the quasi-official index of websites for the club. If a website changes, it will always be reflected here.